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"In the Berkshire Hills" 

Lenox, Massachusetts 

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Lenox, Mass. 


ITUATED on the Lenox-Stockbridge highway via Lake Mahkeenac or Stock- 
bridge Bowl and overlooking this picturesque lake. The mansion, one of the 
finest in the country, designed by H. Neill Wilson, F. A. I. A., is considered 
to be one of the most important examples of cottage design in the country. 
Pictures of parts of the main structure and of the interior have been used as a basis for 
lectures before foreign schools of architecture. 

The main or central portion of the house is of rough grey stone of the Old English 
Country Estate type with wings of the Elizabethan period, natural gery stone with rough 
grey stucco, panneled, for the upper stories, heavy masoney battement, red tiled roof, 
many porches and loggias. 

It is impossible in a booklet to give an adequate idea of the beauty of construction 
and detail of finish and trimming. The house was built in the best possible manner and 
every detail of interior finish and ornamentation was carried out with a most artistic 
effect. The following summary of room arrangement will be of interest: — 

First Floor: — Main Hall, 31 x 40 feet. Music or Ball Room, 35 x 55 feet, Library, 31 x 38 
feet, Stair Case Hall, 31 x 35 feet. Reception Room, Breakfast Room, Lavatories, 
Coat Rooms, etc. Parlor, 30 x 31 feet with circular alcove 20 feet in diameter. Dining 
Room, 30 X 34 feet with circular tower alcove 20 feet diameter, BiUiard Room, 30 x 30 
feet with winding stairway up a small tower to the Studio. 

Waiters Pantry, Scullery, Kitchen, Pantry, Store Rooms, etc. Servants dining hall, 
Butlers sleeping room and private bath. Refrigeration rooms, two 10 x 17 feet with 
ice room between 10 x 12 feet. 

ain South Porch 

Porches: — Main south porch, 16 1-2 feet by 60 feet, opening off the main hall. Porch off 
staircase hall, facing south, 18 x 28 feet. Music room porch across east end and south 
side. Porte-cochere and entrance porch on the north side. 

Second Floor Plan: — 16 large chambers, all with fire places, 4 smaller chambers, two with 
fire places, 15 bath rooms. Several dressing rooms. All sleeping rooms have com- 
modious clothes closets. Linen room, sewing room and house maids closet. 

Third Floor Plan: — 11 Masters chambers, 9 Masters baths, 11 Servants rooms, 5 Servants 
baths. Very large store room, linen room and cedar room. 

Basement: — Large dry basement or cellar under entire house. Very large laundry with 
tiled floors and side walls. Wine cellars, furnace room and coal storage bins, etc. 

Conveniences: — Fire Places in practically all but the servants rooms. 

Hot Water Heat, indirect on first and second floors, direct on third floor. (New 
boilers installed three years ago.) 

Gas Lighting Throughout, from private lighting plant (Town electric lights now 

Hot water heater for baths, lavatories and laundry. Baggage elevator from base- 
ment to third floor. 

Grounds: — About 30 acres in house grounds and lawn. This includes a seven hole golf 
course and also a fine tennis court. To the north of the house and entrance drive there 
is a strip of about 5 acres of heavy woodland, mostly oak and chestnut. The driveway, 
nearly half a mile from the entrance to the house, winds along the edge of the wood- 
land and is bordered by large shade and ornamental shrubbery. In the immediate 
house grounds, there are quantities of ornamental shrubbery and evergreen trees, 
of over 20 years growth and very beautiful. 

Music Room 

Drawing Room 

Shadow Brook from across the Lake 

Dining Room 

Views: — A wide range of views may be had from almost every window. The main porch 
and terraces face the south and overlook Lake M ahkeenac and a number of the finest 
estates in Lenox. The property is considered to have one of the most convenient and 
pleasing locations in the entire Berkshire Hills Country. 

Location: — This property is about two miles south-west of Lenox and five miles north of 
Stockbridge. Pittsfield, about eight miles distant, is on the Harlem, and Boston & 
Albany Divisions of the New York Central Railroad, and the N. Y. N. H. & H. R. R. 

Altitude: — House, about 1100 feet, Lake M ahkeenac about 920 feet. Highest elevation 
on the property, from 1500 to 1800 feet. 

Lake Frontage: — A beautiful frontage, particdly wooded, of about 617 feet. 

Entrance Lodge: — Stone and stucco construction to match the main house. 

Greenhouse: — Very large greenhouse with seven large rooms, iron frame construction, 
hot water heat. Needs repairing. 

Gardner's Cottage: — 5 rooms and bath, panneled stucco, hot water heat. 
Dairy Cottage: — 6 rooms and bath, hot water heat, modern dairy room. 
Helps House: — A two family house, with 7 rooms and bath for each family. 
Farm Stable: — Stable room for 8 to 10 horses and 8 cows. 

Coach Barn: — 2 box and 9 tie stalls, cement floored carriage room. (Building in poor 
condition, used as a garage.) 

Water: — On the north-west part of the property there is a large reservoir, fed by springs, 
which flows by gravity to an immense storage tank on the fourth floor of the main 
house and from there is distributed to all parts of the building. The water runs direct 
to the out buildings and house grounds. 

Parlor, showing Alcove 

Reception Room 

North Front and Main Entrance 

Land: — About 250 acres in the entire property. A portion of the land, Bald Head, 
with an altitude of from 1500 to 1800 feet, is used as a water shed, has some tillable 
land, pasture and woodland and furnishes an abundant supply of wood for fire 
places. Aside from this portion and the house grounds there is from 50 to "5 acres 
tillable land, enough for gardens and to support the necessary live stock and poultry 
required to keep the house supplied with milk, cream, poultry, eggs, etc. 

Resume : — This property, the construction of which was started about 24 years ago, was 
completed at a cost of nearly a million dollars and took years of time, labor and skill 
to bring to its present beautiful state and it is now offered for sale, with or without the 
furnishings, at less than half of its original cost. With the exception of some interior 
decorations and minor repairs, the house is in excellent condition and demonstrates 
its substantial construction. 

Price, terms and floor plans on request. Inspection by appointment. 

GRAHAM E. C. ROOT, Exclusive Agent 

Lenox, Massachusetts